Fun Workouts

If you’re one that just loves to workout even if you are on vacation consider some of these ideas that will give you a workout but still have the opportunity to explore what Hawai’i has to offer.

One of the best ways to get a workout in, is to get outside and find yourself a hike. Luckily Hawai’i has all different types of hikes to choose from short ones for people who aren’t much of hikers, to 2 hour long ones for people that live for hiking. The next thing to consider before going on a hike is to think about what type of hike you want to adventure onto? One alongside the ocean, a waterfall to jump into at the end? Or a mix between a mountain and ocean view. If you answered a waterfall hike then the a popular one is Manoa Falls just a few miles from Waikiki. This trail takes you pretty deep into Manoa valley full of lush greenery with a 150 foot tall waterfall waiting at the end for you. If you’re looking for more of an ocean view and why not when you’re in Hawai’i, consider Lanikai pill boxes on the east side of the island; this hike gives you the best view for sunrises if you’re up early enough. If you’re not able to travel too far to get onto a hike then Diamond Head Crater is another great option, and it gives you the opportunity to get up close and in person with the famous crater itself.

Maybe hiking isn’t really your thing, but you’re dying to get into the ocean because you’re in Hawai’i! If you’ve never tried it before or even if you have surfing is a great option to try. It may not seem like much of a workout till you get out into the water and start paddling or trying to catch a wave you’ll soon realize it’s like a full body workout. Paddling your arms to get out there to try to catch a wave, then using your core to get up on the board, and lastly using your legs to stand balanced on the board to ride the wave. The best part of this workout is that it’s so easy to get a board, because all across Waikiki beach there are board rentals. If you’re more of a beginner or just want extra help you could consider hiring an instructor for a lesson.

 If hiking or being in the ocean aren’t ideal for you for a workout then lace up your shoes and just get outside. There are so many great places you could go for a run, along side a beach around a park, or just down the streets of Waikiki. 

Richel Cole