Staying Connected

As exciting as it is to get married there’s no doubt sometimes you may not see eye to eye on decision making, financially it may get stressful, or things may not be going the way you hoped. With that said as a couple you should always keep in mind the reason you’re getting married. Staying connected from the day of the proposal, to deciding on the date, to the day of the wedding staying connected as a couple is a crucial key throughout the planning process.

            Wedding talk can sometimes overwhelm, stress or even take a toll on your relationship. Consider setting a day once a week or month with your significant other to go out for dinner or get coffee without any wedding talk. If setting aside a day isn’t ideal make rules; for example no wedding talk during sleep hours, or during meals. This will give you both the opportunity to have time to talk about other things happening in one another's lives.

            A fun way to stay connected with one another is make a list of things; places you want to travel to, activities or adventures to try, things you want to buy for your house, etc. This idea can help you to take your mind off the wedding a bit while still planning for the future you have together as a married couple.

            Giving little gifts every month can definitely remind your loved you love them, appreciate them, or are thinking about them. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant, simple things like hand written cards, bringing home their favorite dinner, a bouquet of flowers, or surprise them with tickets to a new movie you both want to see. Small gifts will continue to surprise each other and build memories that you can enjoy as a couple before the big day.

            Lastly the biggest thing to remember throughout the planning process of your wedding is the reason you feel in love and what led you to the big day. Stay connected to one another physically, mentally, and emotionally. Continue to hold hands, give hugs, send text to let your other half know you miss or love them. Don’t let all the wedding talk, and decisions take over your relationship. While planning and getting married is a big milestone in each others life it isn’t what makes up your relationship. 

Richel Cole