our commitment 

When For The Good Hawaii was created, it was at the heart of our mission to always do things 'for the good.' We felt that if we kept this mentality close to our hearts, we would always give our best in the work we produced. Whether that is through the many events we create, the relationships we build, or the clients we care for; we believe that if we strive to continue to do things 'for the good,' that is where we will best succeed. 

Doing things 'for the good,' carries over also into how we choose to give back to our community. We feel so fortunate to work and live in Paradise, and know that it is our responsibility to help make sure we take care of the place that we are so lucky to call home. Our team has continually committed to volunteering with local non-profits, donating our time and services to aid those in need, and more. 

This commitment to our community extends even further! With every Styled Elopements Package booked, For The Good Hawaii will make a donation to a select local non-profit organization. We believe in love and feel that it is so important to share it with those who need it most!

Thank you for trusting in us to plan your special day, and for allowing us to continue to commit to you, our community, and our world to ultimately do things... for the good.